Free Iphone 7 Plus Giveaway 2017

win iphone 7

I would like to share with you were where I won free iPhone 7 free from Apple company. They are giving away iPhone 7 because they need reviewers about their project instead of paying people to review, they are giving it for free as payment.

Did you notice many videos on youtube giving a review about iPhone how hard iPhone is or damage? Just like this video below.


That iPhone is free from apple company they are giving away to test or review that's why you should give your real location to ship your iPhone to the exact address. Shipping fee is free as well. Don't worry almost everything free

Only the test and reviews they are needed from you. They give you 1 week to review after you receive the free iPhone.

free iphone 7

What should I do to get the iPhone 7 plus free?

It's easy, just follow my own procedure below carefully and expect for a week to get your iPhone.

  1. First, go to this site here click me. or click the button above apply online today.
  2. Now you will redirect to the other site choose what iPhone you want.
  3. After you choose the color you want. the filling form will pop up and fill up all your info. Note you should give your shipping address so that you can receive the iPhone.
  4. And wait for your email to receive notification that you will receive iPhone. 
  5. After waiting for your iPhone to receive in your house.
I hope that you follow carefully my own procedure and I hope you will receive your new iPhone in the right place you gave.

After you receive iPhone, please share my article on your Facebook or share it with your friends as giving tips to me.

Updated:I forgot to put 1st procedure that you should put your email, address, name, and location where you can receive your new iPhone 7 or iphone 7 plus. For now it's almost exhausted. So join now before you late. You can see more people joined after you answer or you are done filling up the registration form. Hope that you are the one who can receive a brand new iPhone. Best of luck!!!

I added this message: they are now adding a human verification due to many people wanted to get free Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. So if you are willing to get iphone 7 just verify that you are human. Good luck and have a nice day.

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